HK Recycle Center

Hong Kong Recycle Center believes all of us have the responsibility to protect the ecology of our earth. We should save energy and reduce waste, try our best to minimize the harm to the nature and work together to create a healthy and happy environment.  more

Our company buys at premium prices all types of electronics and computer parts, and stocks of manufacturer. Following is a just a partial list of our common trade items. Please contact us for further details.

All kinds of stocks, finished goods, semi-finished goods and raw material. Gold plated and Metal parts etc. New or second handed are welcome.   more

Hong Kong Recycle Center has about 10 years of experience specializing in recycle trade and environmental friendly disposal.

To save valuable resources on earth, we focus on recycle industry and hope to contribute to the environmental protection.

Our sincere service will win your support and make us the best business partner.  more
When things likes surplus or goods with defect, have to be scrapped so as not to be available in the market again to hurt a company's reputation and normal sales, our company can handle it for you professionally in an environmental friendly way.

For example, first disassemble the product, then separate the components and route each of these to appropriate reuse or recycle channel.  more